UNESCO  Island city Trogir

According to the National Geographic Trogir is one of the top 10 island cities in the world.



Walking tour

In this private walking tour you will meet the city with 2300 years of tradition. It’s rich culture is created under the influence of old Greeks, Romans, Venetians and Croats. Trogir with concentration of palaces, churches, towers, fortress on a small island in every way deserves it’s nickname “THE STONE BEAUTY”.

Happy city

Catch your happy moment visiting the Unesco city Trogir. Why is Trogir known as a happy city? The secret lies in the greek god of opportunity, luck and favorable moments Kairos. The 4th cenutry ancient greek bas relief of Kairos was found in Trogir and represents one of the symbols of the city. Kairos is pictured holding a scale, symbolizing the fleeting nature of opportunity, occasions that can appear and disappear in an instant. It is during Kairos time that opportunities must be seized. In fact, the god is also shown with a tuft of hair sticking out – which you must quickly grasp to take advantage of the lucky moment, or see it be lost forever.

Highlights of the tour

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence
Masterpiece Radovan Portal
Kamerlengo  Fortress
Renaissance Chapel of St. John
Ćipiko Palace
Central Square
The City Hall – Duke’s Palace
South and north city gate
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 “Little Venice”

Besides being a happy city Trogir is also known as a Little Venice.Trogir is a real juwel, situated just half an hour from Split and 5 minutes from the Split airport. Trogir has a fascinating history. The city lies on a small island in a very narrow sea passage between the mainland and the island of Čiovo.  It is connected to the mainland with a small bridge on one side, and to the island of Čiovo on the other side. Trogir flourished during the  Middle Ages. That period represents the peek in economy, trade, culture and art of the city. Medieval time was the period of great constructions, enforcement of the defending wall system and fortresses that completely surrounded the town.

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