Private Split Walking Tour

Find out how did a private villa of a retired roman emperor transformed into a living city. Why is Split called the sportiest city worldwide? Why are Dalmatian man known as Casa Novas of the Balcans? Why is football considered a sacred thing in Split? How did Split developed from a tiny provincial town to the second biggest city in Croatia?…and many more…

Take a peek into the culture of living, breathing and existing throughout interesting tales of the past and the present. Be bold enough to walk on a trip of thousands of  years in just a few steps.

I invite you to enjoy your visit of this beautiful city while feeling secure and relaxed with a knowledgeable guide who will do her best to approach to you the scent of Dalmatia.

This tour will give you a true „feeling of Split“. You will get to know things which are not written in brochures and tourguides, stories of real people living inside the palace. You will experience what it means to live in Split.

This is the one of the rare private tours in Split which offers  free headphones, so you can take pictures, look around and at the same time hear your guide perfectly.This is the only private tour which offers opcional free photo shooting in ancient roman costumes. Fell like a true emperor and empriss for a moment.
Duration: 2.5 h
Starting time: On demand
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Split has been a Unesco city for over 40 years thanks to the Diocletian’s palace, a roman villa  which over centuries turned into the live city. Diocletian’s palace is one of the most significant and best preserved structures of the late ancient architecture in the world. Palace is ordered to be built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, finished at the beginning of the 4 cent. A.D.

Palace substructures – represent one of the best preserved ancient complexes of their kind in the world and are the main reason why the historical core of Split was in 1979. included on the UNESCO’S World Heritage list. Substructures are giving us evidence of the original shape of the residence and distribution of the rooms above. The Mausoleum/Cathedral – the former Diocletian’s Mausoleum is now cathedral of St. Duje, one of the oldest cathedrals in the world and an outstanding cultural monument of Split.


Riva the promenade
Brass Gates
Cellers of the Palace
Peristil- the main Square
Jupiters Temple
Golden Gates
Statue of Gregory of Nin
Piazza Square
Iron gates
Fruit Square
Prokurative Square

100% tailor made private tours

A private tour means that you don’t have to “share” your guide with anyone else. Private tours are interactive, more like a discussion than a lecture. You get your guide’s full attention. You get to ask as many dumb questions as you want. Your guide will take as many photos of you posing in front of the Peristil as you want. And you don’t have to find the “meeting place” because your guide will meet you right at your hotel or rental apartment.

You’re in Charge.

All offered custom tours are designed to fit each client. That means the itinerary for the day was designed around your interests, budget and energy level. Custom tours are adaptive, flexible and easy-going. The pace is as fast or slow as you want, and at any moment you can decide to stop at a café, pop into a boutique, drop by the pharmacy for tissues. We like to run relaxed, informal tours that feel like you’re hanging out with a friend…but a friend who happen to be an expert on Split!

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